The Association of Entheogenic Practitioners

A religious professional organization and mutual aid society

uniting practitioners from many traditions

who share a sincere belief in the religious nature of the entheogenic experience

in order to expand safe access to such experiences.

Telegram Channel/Group

Real-time updates and community discussion are hosted on Telegram (download in link).

Join the discussion group here. For updates only, join the AEP Channel.

Telegram is a popular messaging app that has seen significant use in political and social movements around the world since its creation in 2013. Telegram channels allow broadcasts to up to 200,000 users. Users may participate in groups and channels without revealing their names or telephone numbers to each other. The app also features deletable and "self-destructing" messages as well as end-to-end encrypted messages and voice/video calls. (Please note: Telegram messages are end-to-end encrypted in "secret" chats only and not by default.) For an added layer of security, you can also register for Telegram with a temporary phone number.


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