How to Join

Application Process

Applicants must be twenty-one years of age or older. To begin the process, contact us at with your contact information and the name of the member sponsoring you. To find a sponsor, please introduce yourself in the Telegram discussion.

You will be asked to sign the AEP Code of Ethics and Ritual Guidelines and Principles, and to submit your donation. 

Schedule an intake interview: this is a loosely structured conversation about your journey into entheogenic practice, your beliefs concerning this work, and the logistics of your practice. With your permission, a portion of this conversation will be recorded to serve as your personal narrative. 

Submit your attestations: a written statement of belief, and a written personal narrative if your intake interview is not recorded. You will receive guidance in preparing these documents during the intake interview. AEP staff will collaborate with you to ensure your attestations are both authentic to your experience and effective in establishing the religious nature of your practice.

Your enrollment is complete when your attestations are approved by AEP staff. 


Applicants must make a financial contribution. The requested donation is $600 or one percent of your annual income.

In order to support the organization financially, applicants making the suggested donation or more will be given priority processing. Every effort will be made to enroll all applicants in a timely fashion.

Membership Dues

At present, no membership dues have been set. However, dues may be imposed in the future by the Board of Managers.